Friday, 28 December 2012

session and cookies


cookies is ways for the user to be identified by a website. After that,the nice thing about cookies is that they are decentralized. You do not need to worry about creating databases to hold information or adding and removing rows, you just store the data and check whether it is set. As such, cookies are good for any pages where you have got a small amount of information to handle usually this involves user preferences.


Sessions are variables that are stored on your server to identify a user. As opposed to cookies, users cannot directly modify them. But, there are still security risks involved. There are two main threats for session is session fixation and hijacking.

Session Fixation

Session Fixation is when a user goes to an already established session and loads their information into that session. By going into an already established session, the attacker can visit that session and gain the information that the user has inputted. A simple example of this is if you click on a link of a website where the session id has already been established.

Session Hijacking

Session Hijacking is the second type of risk, and is much harder to defend against. This is where the attacker can obtain your session id by packet sniffing or various other methods. For example, the attacker can be connected into your network and filter all of your data that is being sent to your router. Once your session ID has been obtained, he can visit that ID to gain access to all of your information.

UDDI issues

hai sahabat and madam,

today i would like tell you guys about UDDI.

UDDI is a Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration. it is an  XML-based registry for businesses worldwide to list themselves on the Internet. Its ultimate goal is to streamline online transactions by enabling companies to find one another on the Web and make their systems interoperable for e-commerce. UDDI is often compared to a telephone book's white, yellow, and green pages. The project allows businesses to list themselves by name, product, location, or the Web services they offer. UDDI stores information that helps clients select and use a web service. This might mean information about the kind of service provided, who provides it, and potentially even how much it costs. UDDI is a very open-ended technology, and so it can store all kinds of data. However, the main thing required to access a Web service is its WSDL definition. Tools such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio.NET and IBM’s WebSphere Studio can read a WSDL file and generate the client proxy required to invoke the operations described in that file. While there are UDDI servers available on the Internet today, there’s not much in them. In particular, they don’t contain many WSDL files.

Web Browser

i want to discuss about what i know about web browser.

Web Browser is  a software application used to locate, retrieve and also display content on the World Wide Web, including Web pages, images, video and other files. Nowadays, browsers are fully-functional software suites that can interpret and display HTML Web pagesapplicationsJavaScriptAJAX and other content hosted on Web servers

i will give you three top famous browser :

Internet Explorer
 Internet Explorer(IE)

For years the most popular browser, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer’s rate of use has increasingly decreased through the years. However, its newest version, Internet Explorer 9, features some interesting things, and make it worthy of consideration again: It is faster, has a cleaner interface, smaller notifications, security is upgraded, and features tab isolation (so that not all your tabs crash when one does), a feature first seen in Google’s Chrome. It also features one box for both addresses and web search, again something Chrome started doing, and a download manager. It supports HTML5, CSS3 and SVG. The downside is that it only works for Windows Vista and Windows 7.


In 2003 Mozilla’s browser, Firefox, started competing with Internet Explorer, becoming more popular than it quickly. A cross-platform browser, it works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and it is one of the most standard-compliant browsers. Among its most appealing characteristics are a better rendering of the web pages compared to Internet Explorer, add-ons and extensions to personalize your searches, session restoration, a download manager and pop-up blocking. It also features the all-in-one address and search bar, although it also has a separate search bar that you can personalize to browse in Google, Yahoo, Bing, or even other websites, like dictionaries, Wikipedia, etc. It supports HTML5, CSS3 and it enables developers to create full-screen video content and apps.


Launched by Google in 2008, Chrome was meant to rethink browsing completely. It is the most used browser today, and its popularity continues to grow, as it has lived up to the users’ expectations. Chrome was the first browser to introduce tab isolation and one box for both addresses and searches, and it started as a faster and cleaner browser. Aside from all of this, it also includes some useful features, like a quick calculation system included in the address bar, or drag and drop downloads and searches, as well as developer resources. It also enables multiple profiles in one window, and allows you to access your printer from any enabled web app through Google Cloud Print.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Semantic web 15%

Hi guys . it’s been a long time since i’ve got here , not updating my blog - and I’m sorry . I just got busy with all of my projects . I just covered 15% of Semantic Web – Semantic Web is to search not only for documents that have data but for desired data itself . it will support software agent and to descriptive rdf an owl ( later I will tell you rdf and owl . furthermore , semantic web will make easier for machine automatically process.
This semantic web is inside www(world wide web). It gives universal access to a large universal document.
                Client – web browser
                Server – web server
Web browser  is connected to server for interact with html document. For example browser like mozzilla,safari,google chorme and much more.
Web server is responsible for accepting http request from the client which usual html document.
Client and server use http as their language to communicate to send or receive document. HTTP is short name from Hypertext Transmission Protocol. It’s a language that client and server communicate with each other.
Now I would like to talk about URL (Uniform Resource Locater) . Data that are addressed in www.
It contains document name, type of service and location of the resource.
Examples :
http: = service = host
123 = port
/path/subdir.html = file and resource
  HyperText is some regular text. It can read, stored , edit. But, HyperMedia is the same like HyperText and it contains sound, images, and movie.
HTML is web uses for creating document. It can be view in any different browser. To make the HTML document, it has HEAD and BODY. HEAD is contain the information of the document. BODY is contain the element and body text. It place document material to be display.
What I wrote above is what I understand about semantic web and I apologize if I had done something wrong about the statement above.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

mid-term break

 Hey , its good to be back . Just finished with my sisters wedding  last Saturday. it was very tiring, but I had an awesome time .
     Not only i got busy with the preparations , I also got other things in my hand . I helped my dad lift the furnitures and such  as we need as much space as we can get for the Friday night which was the night of my sisters engagement . people are sure gonna need to sit down – and therere a lot of em . cousins , uncles , aunties , friends , friends of siblings , all in one house . in a nutshell , they’re all looked so happy .After all things necessary were done , the people were then had a buffet . during or after their meal , they were given a token of appreciation with a mug in a well designed bag . people come , people go , I’m sure they had a great time .
     The next night , we're all went to Dewan FELDA for the wedding . we left our house at about 5.30 in the evening at arrived at about 6 o'clock . with the pink baju melayu on me , im ready for the wedding – of my sister of course . at about 9 pm , the wedding started and a lot of people showed up . my little brother and a few cousins walked in a pairs on the red carpet , followed by my sister and her husband , followed by the two clamps – and my little sister is one of  em . the spotlight focused on the couple as they were walking slowly to the " Pelamin" hehehe (tahu habis bahasa inggeris apa). you could never imagine how beautiful the scene was. When everyone had their seat, including the "king and queen ", the mc gave a little flashback on their biodata and how they met, followed the recite of doa , and followed by the spatter session , and also a little photo session between spatters and the lovely couple. then everyone, including the couple, sat on their dining seats and the feast began – with live jazz music from the duo from RTM .
     At about 11 o'clock , the photography session began for family and friends. then , people left the hall happily and most of them shook hands with my mom, dad , my married sister and my new brother-in-law  , some other people, me and my little brother as they go. after all that was finished and everything else had settled, we all went home at midnight .
     I felt so relieved that all of that had finished. you know, I felt kind of sad because we're all grown up and I know someday we're going to have our own separate lives and family and it made me missed my childhood .well thats life I tell you . so , use the time we have while were still young as when time goes by, itll never come back .

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Test was pretty awesome(Awesome habis)

hows your test1 web tech udin?
uwaaaahhhh!!!I’m so speechless and do not know what to write in that piece of paper with full of question which I do not know the answer. I’m so down that day, but I hide with a fake of smile. Actually the question was really straight forward. I can’t answer it because im not ready yet plus I didn’t read the slide the day before test. The day before test, I’m so busy with other thing which I cant avoid it and by the time I open the slide, my eyes became creepy and I need to get rest. I try to stay up that night but I cant, my eyes cant handle it. Im sorry madam. First test I didn’t try my best L
Im sorry guys.bye 

Hello AJAX supp Jquery

Assalamualaikum and good day to everyone.
Lets persist with my new topic. AJAX and Jquery

AJAX a.k.a  Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. What I know about AJAX is a new way to existing standards. We don’t need to refresh page or reloading the whole page when transferring data happen. AJAX is really user friendly. It is not like the classic web pages which do not have AJAX that always reload the entire page and go to the other page. Here are the examples of application that using AJAX:

·         Youtube
·         Facebook
·         Google search

That’s it. A short version of AJAX. It’s really simple to understand it.
Now I wanna talk about Jquery. Jquery is a framework for client. Its give easier to the client to open the web page. Commonly we use jquery-1.3.2min.js for internet. Here are the examples of Jquery :

<script src="jquery-1.3.2.min.js"></script>
                <script type="text/javascript">
                                var xmlhttp;
                                if (window.XMLHttpRequest)
                                {// code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
                                                xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
                                {// code for IE6, IE5
                                                xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
                                function first(){
                                                document.getElementById("text").innerHTML = xmlhttp.responseText;
                                function second(){
                                                document.getElementById("text").innerHTML = xmlhttp.responseText;
                                function third(){
                                                document.getElementById(target = "text").innerHTML = xmlhttp.responseText;
  Thats it guys.Assalamualaikum

Sunday, 30 September 2012

What is netcentric?

yowdy guys.good to see you again.

our topic is netcentric.

what is netcentric?

for me,"what is netcentric?" is a very tough question to answer it.honestly,i really dont
understand what is netcentric. all i know about netcentric are we gonna learn about system , network and database. with netcentric,we can create a new website that can make our own money.

firstly,when i got continue my degree study in netcentric i feel so excited to learn about this course.
but when im in a class,there is a lot of "?" in my head and i become stress because it is hard for me to understand this subject.
everyday i always asked myself,"kenapa aku kena belajar subject ni?kenapa lah aku tak boleh masuk dgn subject ni"
im pray to god please help me to understand this subject easily and is killing me every week. i hope one day i will understand this subject and conquer it. :)

thats it guys.see you in the next thriller.haha.
assalamualaikum and salam bahagia

Sunday, 23 September 2012

1Malaya day and i love it

hey guys im back with my pair of shoes :p

Why malaysia day was declared? it is because on 16 september 1963, the joining together of malaya, north borneo, sarawak and singapore to form Malaysia. Since 2010, our prime minister Najib Razak has made the decision that Malaysia day becomes a public holiday. YEAAAYYYYHHH!!!! i can sleep as long as i can on that day.

 What did i do on that day?sleep like a dead monster. On that night, i was being like a crazy dog. I was hunting some lovely girl to chill and have fun.hehehe :p:p
I met this girl at Bukit Bintang shopping mall. She is Chinesee and really nice bro!! her name is SECRET :D. Im sorry guys. When i saw this pretty girl, first what i did was i just go close to her and start used my FLIRTING BIBLES.hehe after that, i took around 15 minutes to flirt with her then she asked me for dinner on that day.BOOOYAAA!! like i got pearl from my mom.haha
When we had a dinner, she told me that " youre really gentle" with a sweet smile.OMG!! when she said that, i was just pretending to be cool and continue with our dinner. In short, she gave me her number after dinner.then i went back home with a smile like Jessica Alba saw her daughter first birth. :D

My malaysia day was pretty awesome. ok guys see you in the next topic, bubyee assalamualaikum and salam 1Malaysia.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

first class with smile

hello to my young world!! how are you guys doing? 
welcome to my

firstly i wanna thanks to my beloved lecturer's Mdm. Nor Shahniza Kamal Bashah who teaching me subject ITT544: Web Technology. Because of her, i have to create and write a blog about ITT544 which i dont know what to write about this subject. but dont worry madam, ill try my best and my bad english to make my blog become fun and knowledgeable.hehe :p

my first class?hmmmmm.... it was good and im happy with my new lecturers Mdm. Nor Shahniza Kamal Bashah. she is really nice person which i like it ;) and she just give a brief about this subject and what to do through the whole this semester.We have to form a group of 2 to discuss about  final project. My project is about clothing with my pair will try to make this project become superb(I HOPE).haha :D

thats all guys.see you in the next topic bubyee assalamualaikum and salam 1Malaysia.