Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Semantic web 15%

Hi guys . it’s been a long time since i’ve got here , not updating my blog - and I’m sorry . I just got busy with all of my projects . I just covered 15% of Semantic Web – Semantic Web is to search not only for documents that have data but for desired data itself . it will support software agent and to descriptive rdf an owl ( later I will tell you rdf and owl . furthermore , semantic web will make easier for machine automatically process.
This semantic web is inside www(world wide web). It gives universal access to a large universal document.
                Client – web browser
                Server – web server
Web browser  is connected to server for interact with html document. For example browser like mozzilla,safari,google chorme and much more.
Web server is responsible for accepting http request from the client which usual html document.
Client and server use http as their language to communicate to send or receive document. HTTP is short name from Hypertext Transmission Protocol. It’s a language that client and server communicate with each other.
Now I would like to talk about URL (Uniform Resource Locater) . Data that are addressed in www.
It contains document name, type of service and location of the resource.
Examples :
http: = service
www.abc.edu = host
123 = port
/path/subdir.html = file and resource
  HyperText is some regular text. It can read, stored , edit. But, HyperMedia is the same like HyperText and it contains sound, images, and movie.
HTML is web uses for creating document. It can be view in any different browser. To make the HTML document, it has HEAD and BODY. HEAD is contain the information of the document. BODY is contain the element and body text. It place document material to be display.
What I wrote above is what I understand about semantic web and I apologize if I had done something wrong about the statement above.

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