Tuesday, 6 November 2012

mid-term break

 Hey , its good to be back . Just finished with my sisters wedding  last Saturday. it was very tiring, but I had an awesome time .
     Not only i got busy with the preparations , I also got other things in my hand . I helped my dad lift the furnitures and such  as we need as much space as we can get for the Friday night which was the night of my sisters engagement . people are sure gonna need to sit down – and therere a lot of em . cousins , uncles , aunties , friends , friends of siblings , all in one house . in a nutshell , they’re all looked so happy .After all things necessary were done , the people were then had a buffet . during or after their meal , they were given a token of appreciation with a mug in a well designed bag . people come , people go , I’m sure they had a great time .
     The next night , we're all went to Dewan FELDA for the wedding . we left our house at about 5.30 in the evening at arrived at about 6 o'clock . with the pink baju melayu on me , im ready for the wedding – of my sister of course . at about 9 pm , the wedding started and a lot of people showed up . my little brother and a few cousins walked in a pairs on the red carpet , followed by my sister and her husband , followed by the two clamps – and my little sister is one of  em . the spotlight focused on the couple as they were walking slowly to the " Pelamin" hehehe (tahu habis bahasa inggeris apa). you could never imagine how beautiful the scene was. When everyone had their seat, including the "king and queen ", the mc gave a little flashback on their biodata and how they met, followed the recite of doa , and followed by the spatter session , and also a little photo session between spatters and the lovely couple. then everyone, including the couple, sat on their dining seats and the feast began – with live jazz music from the duo from RTM .
     At about 11 o'clock , the photography session began for family and friends. then , people left the hall happily and most of them shook hands with my mom, dad , my married sister and my new brother-in-law  , some other people, me and my little brother as they go. after all that was finished and everything else had settled, we all went home at midnight .
     I felt so relieved that all of that had finished. you know, I felt kind of sad because we're all grown up and I know someday we're going to have our own separate lives and family and it made me missed my childhood .well thats life I tell you . so , use the time we have while were still young as when time goes by, itll never come back .

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