Sunday, 30 September 2012

What is netcentric?

yowdy guys.good to see you again.

our topic is netcentric.

what is netcentric?

for me,"what is netcentric?" is a very tough question to answer it.honestly,i really dont
understand what is netcentric. all i know about netcentric are we gonna learn about system , network and database. with netcentric,we can create a new website that can make our own money.

firstly,when i got continue my degree study in netcentric i feel so excited to learn about this course.
but when im in a class,there is a lot of "?" in my head and i become stress because it is hard for me to understand this subject.
everyday i always asked myself,"kenapa aku kena belajar subject ni?kenapa lah aku tak boleh masuk dgn subject ni"
im pray to god please help me to understand this subject easily and is killing me every week. i hope one day i will understand this subject and conquer it. :)

thats it guys.see you in the next thriller.haha.
assalamualaikum and salam bahagia

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