Sunday, 23 September 2012

1Malaya day and i love it

hey guys im back with my pair of shoes :p

Why malaysia day was declared? it is because on 16 september 1963, the joining together of malaya, north borneo, sarawak and singapore to form Malaysia. Since 2010, our prime minister Najib Razak has made the decision that Malaysia day becomes a public holiday. YEAAAYYYYHHH!!!! i can sleep as long as i can on that day.

 What did i do on that day?sleep like a dead monster. On that night, i was being like a crazy dog. I was hunting some lovely girl to chill and have fun.hehehe :p:p
I met this girl at Bukit Bintang shopping mall. She is Chinesee and really nice bro!! her name is SECRET :D. Im sorry guys. When i saw this pretty girl, first what i did was i just go close to her and start used my FLIRTING BIBLES.hehe after that, i took around 15 minutes to flirt with her then she asked me for dinner on that day.BOOOYAAA!! like i got pearl from my mom.haha
When we had a dinner, she told me that " youre really gentle" with a sweet smile.OMG!! when she said that, i was just pretending to be cool and continue with our dinner. In short, she gave me her number after dinner.then i went back home with a smile like Jessica Alba saw her daughter first birth. :D

My malaysia day was pretty awesome. ok guys see you in the next topic, bubyee assalamualaikum and salam 1Malaysia.

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